“My husband’s family were at the stage of needing to put my father-in-law into a memory care facility and wasn’t sure when the appropriate time would be. We also needed to attend to the health struggles of his wife. It was apparent that their current living situation wasn’t optimal for their needs. We had only so many resources and tools to know what the next best decision should be. That’s when I reached out to Heidi, a professional who can help manage families through these times in life.

Heidi came to the home of my father-in-law to do an assessment with him, and his primary care givers involved. Heidi was thoughtful and understanding of the family’s concerns and empathetic to the needs of my father-in-law and his wife. With her help and guidance, we are confident that we’re doing what’s best for my father-in-law and his wife, while giving the family peace of mind moving forward with this stage of life.”


Minneapolis, MN

“Heidi was there to assist us with making the right decisions for the care of our aging father. We needed someone we could trust with options for his care-she was there every step of the way of making sure that dad was happy and safe.”


St Augustine, FL

“I contacted Heidi for advice when I noticed that my parents had both began to need more help at home after visiting this summer. She was a great source of information and comfort – we created a plan together that grow with my parents needs and hopefully keep them at home as long as possible.”


Minneapolis, MN

“ Heidi has been a tremendous help in giving me insight on how my Mom may be feeling and thinking as she continues battling stage 4 cancer. She has given me the tools to better understand the process from my Mom’s perspective. Working with Heidi has helped me be the caregiver I want to be for Mom.”


Ashland, WI

“After talking with Heidi, I gained valuable insight as to how my loved one was coping with her illness. I was better able to understand my loved one’s behavior instead of being frustrated by it. My conversation with Heidi was immensely insightful and gave me much needed peace of mind.”


Marshfield, WI

“Understanding how to communicate with our mother as her dementia progressed was becoming very challenging to our family. Heidi worked with us as a family to learn how to go into her “world”,  set up a meeting with a dementia specialist for even more information and continued to support us with detailed care plans for all of her needs.”


Bayfield, WI